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The body is meant to be used!

Aches and pains aren’t necessarily a reason to stop doing what you want (or need) to do. Rather, they are an indication that your body needs maintenance, repair or rest.

My crazy clients beat up their bodies in all sorts of ways, including:

  • Doing nothing all winter then golfing 36 holes on the first warm weekend

  • Falling asleep on the couch at 7 pm every night

  • Hunching over a computer and all day

  • Slipping on puppy pee in the kitchen

  • Lifting like they did in college (despite not having been to the gym in 12 years)

  • Refusing to make two trips when carrying groceries in from the car

  • Using Orangetheory as their active recovery from CrossFit

  • Riding horses without a saddle

  • Riding their new motorcycle for 11 hours straight

  • Chipping frozen manure out of the pasture

​I’m not here to tell you to stop doing whatever crazy things you want to do. My job is to use assessment, corrective exercise, orthopedic massage and trigger point therapy to help put you back together so you can do it again!

Life is meant to be lived and the body is meant to be used.



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